SSU Bible Study, E138 “You Will Know Them By Their Fruits”

We have heard this verse times without number, "you will know them by their fruits". But what does 'fruit' actually mean? Is it the actions rendered by a person? We'll see today that good works don't actually mean anything...

SSU Guest, E137 “I Almost Married A Pastor Who Had The Spirit of Divination…”

Our sister, Precious, is back! This time she's sharing a wonderful testimony of how the Lord delivered her from almost marrying a pastor who had the spirit of divination. Be blessed!

SSU Chat, E135 “How To Deal with Unsaved Relatives?”

When we share the Good News of Christ with our unsaved family members, they may not readily welcome it. Consequently, this can become a source of sadness or even frustration when we do not see fruit in their lives. How then do we deal with our unsaved relatives?

SSU Chat, E134 “Answering Your Questions” Hello sisters, I will be answering your questions today, please find below what was addressed: -Am I going to drink the 'wine'? 00:36 -What if my job requires me to take the 'wine' to keep on working? 03:26 -Do you think Jesus is coming soon? 05:16 -How to find fulfillment in an unfulfilled work? … Continue reading SSU Chat, E134 “Answering Your Questions”

SSU Chat, E130 “Victory over Spirit Husbands”, pt 3 Blood Donation

Today is an update on the 'Victory over Spirit Husbands' series. I talk about how blood donated to charity can make its way to satanist groups, thus creating demonic bondage for the donor. Below are the links of the articles shared in the video: -Vice News​ -Satanic temple Facebook page​ -Red Cross page … Continue reading SSU Chat, E130 “Victory over Spirit Husbands”, pt 3 Blood Donation

SSU Bible Study, E129 “Salt of the Earth”

Have you ever wondered why Jesus never said to be salt of the 'world' but rather salt of the 'earth'? When talking about our impact in the world, He clearly said: You are the light of the 'world'. Somehow, when it comes to being salt, He said: You are the salt of the 'earth'...This is … Continue reading SSU Bible Study, E129 “Salt of the Earth”