Sisters’ Corner, E96, “Honesty @ Work”

Honesty is a quality that many Christians struggle with especially in the workforce. We lie to our superiors to maintain a good image, we manipulate numbers to receive a promotion, and we pretend to be focused on work when we’re actually immersed in our Facebook newsfeed. Let’s not just honor the Lord with our lips, but also with our actions, and this can start at … Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E96, “Honesty @ Work”

Sisters’ Corner, E91, “Balancing School Life & Time with God”

SOO sorry sisters for the delayed video!! I have been going through so many technical issues but praise the Lord, the video is finally here!!! Today, it’s an interview with Shepher, a freshman in university. We’ll be talking about how to balance busy school schedule and quality time with God. Stay blessed!   Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E91, “Balancing School Life & Time with God”

…To Be One with God

by Single Sisters in University And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one…John 17:22 I have been meditating on the above verse for some time now and kept on wondering: “What does it mean to be ‘one’ with God as Jesus mentioned?” This verse comes from Jesus’ last prayer (John 17) before … Continue reading …To Be One with God

Sisters’ Corner, E89, “Sisters in Waiting…”

It’s 2018 and all the prophecies about marriage are still yet to be fulfilled! Pressure mounts up, desperation kicks in, and exhaustion is now a recurring feeling: “When on earth is this going to happen???” Well, that’s exactly the place where the devil wants single sisters to be so they can take any guy that comes along because they are sooo tired of waiting…   Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E89, “Sisters in Waiting…”

Sisters’ Corner, E88, “Verse of the Year”

Every year, people always have new resolutions that they mostly do not live up to. Have you heard of the ‘verse of the year’? It’s about having an ‘anchor’ verse to give you support and strength no matter what you are facing throughout the year. This is a better alternative because it also serves as a guide and encouragement in your spiritual life.   Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E88, “Verse of the Year”

2 Majors Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Workforce

In secondary school, stress is placed on getting good grades, because only good grades can get you admitted into a good university. In post-secondary education, the game changes and many students fail to realize that. They continue stressing themselves over studying hard and tough to score high marks in their classes; I’m not implying that this is bad, but instead efforts are placed on the … Continue reading 2 Majors Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Workforce

Sisters’ Corner, E87, “It’s about GETTING the JOB, NOT the GRADES”

Happy New Year sisters!! Are you preparing for the workforce while in school? Forget about focusing on getting the best grades in class; in the real world, having professional experience is what’s going to book you the job! I am sharing today 2 important tips that can prepare you for the workforce.   Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E87, “It’s about GETTING the JOB, NOT the GRADES”

Rationalizing Fornication

  I attended a bridal shower few years ago of a lady from church; the event room was packed with many other sisters in Christ who had come to show their support to the upcoming bride. One of the closest friends of the future bride had created a nice diaporama that displayed the early pictures of the couple to their present time. There were photos … Continue reading Rationalizing Fornication