Knowing Your God-Given Husband

To know your future husband, one has to pray about it and ask God for guidance for He is the creator of all things and author of this institution. Marriage is not a game, nor a way to overcome loneliness, or is it about being roommates. Marriage is not something that you can try out, it’s a lifetime commitment. You should not get married because you want to be loved, the clock is ticking, or due to circumstances/desires. God created the world in five days and on the sixth day, He made man in His image and after His likeness. Everything that God created was “good” except when He made Adam. He said “It’s not good for man to be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). From there, God made a woman out of one of Adam’s ribs and He took her to Adam (Genesis 2:22).

From the above scripture, we see that God made one man for one woman: not all men are suitable for marriage and the same goes for women. That’s why when it comes to choosing your future husband, you should be patient and very cautious. SSU may be vulnerable and easily tempted by the devil. Many men will come to seduce you with false promises to marry you but beware because they are just after your beauty, elegance, and especially sex. See, those men would never tell you that they want you for sex because they know women would never want to go out with them. They’ll always masquerade their filthy ways and make you feel that they want a sincere and long-term relationship (marriage) with you.

Marriage brings happiness when you are united to the man God has intended you to be with. What can happen if you make the wrong choice? the relationship might not last and could lead to divorce because it’s a relationship based on blandishments and appearances. And such unions only last as long as you remain attractive. Once the attraction fades, your partner’s interest in you subsides, he begins to look somewhere else, and that’s when unhappiness kicks in. Consequently, you want out knowing that God is against divorce (Matthew 19:5-6). Now is the time to avoid falling in Satan’s trap. Once again God hates divorce except in the case of infidelity yet again it’s an option. That’s why you should pray for your marriage even if there’s nobody in your life yet. If God has planned for you to get married, be assured that your man is somewhere on this earth. Pray to God and ask Him for signs so that you will know who your husband is. In Genesis 24: 12-22, Abraham’s servant went to a village where he knew no one but in order to succeed in his mission, he prayed to God, asked Him for a sign to recognize Isaac’s wife, then God revealed the woman to him. So keep asking God for signs, be patient, persevere and don’t lose faith. Our God is full of compassion, one day He will answer your prayers. Therefore, surrender your will to God and He will give you the desires of your heart.

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