Your “Major” Isn’t That Major!

by Karolyne Daudin
Understanding, Understanding
There are different languages of understanding. One language can be considered, “Godly wisdom”; another, “man’s knowledge”. Man’s knowledge comes from the world and Godly wisdom comes straight from heaven. It is revealed by the Holy Spirit or through the Word. Godly wisdom cannot be communicated without faith because faith is its mouthpiece. Without Godly wisdom, man’s knowledge stands as futile, like an instrument without a musician. Worldly wisdom is meant to act as an instrument and counterpart to the spiritual knowledge given by God for the purpose of bringing Him glory, for the purpose of playing His music. God’s wisdom can explain man’s knowledge but man’s knowledge can never prove God’s wisdom.
Trying to prove God without faith is an insult because even with faith our hearts and minds could never fully conceptualize a God so great. Only a fool tries to apply man’s knowledge to Godly wisdom. That is why “”…only fools say in their heart, “there is no God”…” (Psalm 14:1). Man’s knowledge will never fill a Godly capacity of wisdom. When we begin at the point of Godly wisdom we not only fill the capacity of man’s knowledge but God’s wisdom overflows, creating a spill of faith, left to be explained. The only explanation for that spill is God. For example, many may see science as a way to disprove God but on the other hand, others see this as a way to prove Him. Those who think science disproves God are relying on man’s knowledge.
When you ONLY have worldly understanding, your understanding is already darkened. Ephesians 4:18 says: “8 They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.” The word “darken” in the Greek is “skotizo” and means: “obscuring God’s light (the manifestation of His life)”. God’s light is the truth. It is the knowledge that comes from knowing Jesus and feeding upon the word. “How do you make the most out of you educational experience you ask?”; “By realizing that it takes more than an educational experience for God to make the most out of you!” First of all, college is not for everybody. Why? Simply because God has a unique will and plan for the lives of every individual on this earth. Also, college may be a good source of worldly knowledge but it definitely is not the source of true wisdom. I know people who’ve gone to college and have gotten multiple degrees but they have no discernment or true understanding of how to successfully operate in this thing called “life”.

On the other hand, I know people who never went to college or dropped out because they were following the will of the lord. Those people are some of the wisest people and the most successful people that I’ve encountered. The bible does say in Psalms 111:10 that: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.” Are you worrying about if you’ll be able to find a job in the future, or are you concerned about obeying the Lord? “Choosing a Major isn’t that Major when you’re walking in God’s Purpose for your LifeBut it may seem hard if,

      • You haven’t tapped into the purpose that’s already been chosen for you by God, find your gifts and the skills needed to make that gift most powerful.
        You don’t go to college to look for purpose. You go to God for that. When you find out your purpose, God may provide college as one of the stepping stones needed to get you walking in that purpose. Many times, the purpose God reveals to you might require different skills that you need to learn in order to operate in purpose.

A skill is not a gift. A gift comes naturally so you DO NOT need to spend money in college for your gift. For example, photography/visual arts are some examples of my gifts. I refuse to go to college and major in photography. I let the Holy Spirit teach me or I sharpen my gift by utilizing online resources or other people who have experience in this craft. One of my majors is business. Therefore I must develop the “skill” of business management to accommodate my “gift” so that I can most effectively tackle the vision that God has given me. I have the gift of teaching but writing is only a skill of mines. You may have thought it was a gift but as you can see, God has me developing my skill of writing so that I can cultivate my gift of edifying my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • You worry and fear

Don’t worry about the money! Obey God and He will open doors and make a way. Proverbs 18:16 says: “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Just follow the vision and God’s provision will follow you!

  • You want to take the easy way out

The crazy thing about taking the easy way out is that it may not be the most reliable way. And the reason someone may even think of taking the easy way out in the first place is because they think that if they challenge themselves, they just might fail. But if the easy way is not God’s way, you are more likely to fail rather than having put all your trust in God. God can’t let you down, especially if you obey Him! He is your source and when you are in Him you lack nothing! He will find a way to give you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

  •  Your own decisions and actions have blurred your vision.

You need vision in order to get anywhere. If not, you’ll just walk straight into a wall. There are different things you can do, especially in an educational setting, to obscure your vision. They include:

  1. Cheating- Because cheating is unconsciously saying “I believe in man more than I believe in God and in myself.”
  2. Procrastination- Because it keeps your vision in a short-term state of mind and you’re never able to work at reaching your long term vision and goals. 3)Pride- Your vision can be skewed and your intentions can change when you try to impress man. If God told you your purpose and His vision for your life, OWN IT. Don’t feel bad because you can’t say, “I’m going to med-school to become and neurosurgeon” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Success isn’t about coming first in your class, it’s about putting God’s will first for your life” If success is “reaching a point of fulfillment” and the root of the word “fulfillment” is to “fill” then success can only come when our capacity for purpose is full and overflowing into the lives of others. This happens when we “fill the capacity of man’s knowledge, but God’s wisdom overflows creating a spill of faith, left to be explained” as stated before. This is how we bring Him glory! It is impossible then to look through eyes of faith without a Godly understanding. It is impossible to truly be successfully without a Godly understanding. It is impossible to be employed by your vision without a Godly understanding!
Success is more that filling up your bank account. Success is fulfilling your purpose. Success is more than flying in airplanes; success is reaching God in the end, and pressing into that holy place every day. Success is more that getting a degree to get a job, success is filling your capacity of worldly knowledge to the effect that God’s wisdom can translate through you to a carnal and lost world. The things we learn in school and in the world are only an instrument and counterpart to the spiritual knowledge needed to powerfully operate in purpose.


About the Author
Karolyne Daudin, a freelance photographer and the official founderof IAMImage
Photography Company, lives in Tallahassee as a literature and business major at The
Florida State University. There, she leads campus minis- tries and as spoken word poet,
her purpose is to encou- rage and edify a generation by being an example of Christ in
speech, lifestyle, love, faith, and purity. You can check out here website at here at and you can reach her at

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