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Trusting God During Your Exam Time

Sisters! Meet Adwoa, a born-again Christian for seven years now. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies specialized in Health Informatics. She is a current SSU studying for a second degree in Health Sciences specializing in Health Promotion. Her hobbies include blogging, reading, exercising, and building websites. In this interview, Adwoa discusses her trust in God during final exam time.

What role does God play when you’re studying in general?
If I don’t believe that God is leading me when I’m studying, I really have no confidence at all. I always start studying by praying first because it helps me know that God is in charge. I believe that my studies are part of His purpose so as long as His hands are upon my studies, everything is going to work for my good.

What tricks do you have when studying for exams?
To be as organized as possible. That means writing down a list of what I need to do for a specific hour or day. I make sure I check off what was done and move on to what needs to be done.

Usually around exam period, there are so many things to do that you end up not having time to accomplish what you had planned, what do you do in those circumstances?
Yes, I have definitely been through those experiences! Whenever I don’t have time to cover something, I pray and let God take control, and it has always worked because I am always surprised by how good my grades are. Also, when I pray sometimes I ask God to direct me on which areas to focus with the little time I have left, and the Lord points me to what’s most important and on the day of the exam, the questions I get are exactly what I studied! One thing that I have started doing is to study way ahead of time before exam time starts to avoid procrastination, which is the worst friend ever!

So, the d-day is here, you go into the classroom to write your exam, how do you conquer any fear or anxiety that may arise?
Right now, the courses that I don’t enjoy too much are psychology and physiology. Whenever, I would write those tests, I was not feeling good at all. But what helped me was to remember what Philippians 4:13 says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. This helped me because I knew that as long as I did my part, I could rely on God to do the rest. God has been helping so far and that has really changed my perspective on those two courses and I am not afraid of them anymore.

What about the dreadful brain freeze that may occur in the middle of an exam?
It’s so funny because I have had those moments when I could not remember an answer and sometimes I would just be like: “Lord, can you please let the right answer appear green on my paper?” Especially, for multiple choice questions, I just want God to shed His light on the right answer. If I am dealing with a multiple choice question, I will just pick any answer that makes sense; for short answer questions, I just write anything that might be right because it’s better to write something than nothing. I am definitely surprised when I get my grades because some of those answers that I wrote while I had my brain freeze were correct!

How do you resist the temptation to cheat during exams? or when a friend asks you to help out during exams?
I guess the temptation to cheat is really a test of your relationship with God. God wants us to be faithful and excellent in all things, that includes abiding to academic integrity. What if you are caught cheating, will you blame it on God for not covering you up? At that time, your testimony is ruined. To avoid cheating, I do my best to prepare as much as I can because I have been caught cheating before and it was not honoring! It is not worth it. For those friends that might be asking for help during exams, I just ignore them and explain to them after the exam the reason I could not help them. Because when you get caught cheating, university puts that on your record, and that is even worse.

There are certain times when you leave an exam feeling good, you think you nailed it. Other times you leave feeling bad, how do you handle the latter times?
I know some people get devastated when they don’t feel good about an exam they’ve just finished writing. To avoid feeling this way, I train myself to move on to something else right after I have just finished an exam, because if I don’t do it, I will just ruin my entire day. Just for laughs: sometimes I will pray that God will make the professor lose the exams or that the questions that I didn’t answer properly be canceled by the professor when grading! At times, I think we worry too much, what if when we receive the grade, it turns out to be higher than expected, that means we wasted all this time feeling bad and depressed for nothing!

This then leads to our next question: how do you react to a bad grade when you were expecting something higher?
I never see a bad grade as something that God did not allow. Maybe the grade is my fault because I didn’t study as I should. When it comes to my education, I know that I have already given it over to God, so He is in charge. If I do my part, God will make me successful even with this bad grade: I always go back to my source. The closer I am with God, I know everything will fall back to its place.

So, we are almost wrapping up this interview, do you have any message to address to SSU?
God is in control! You can do everything through Jesus; give God total ownership of your education and career. You need to always pray against any attack over your education because sometimes there are forces that attack your education making it difficult for you to finish or excel in your studies. You want God’s hand to be upon your education, so hand it all to Him and you will see mighty things. God is all you have and is all you need, and with Him, all things are possible!

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