My Grades Are Totally Not Improving: Am I Just Dumb?

Image: ServitoKSS

I just got my test back today and once again I failed it!” My classmate and I started the semester struggling in this course but now, her grades have been skyrocketing while mine dropping. I’m doing well in my other courses but this one is a killer! Am I just dumb or what? Everybody else in the class seems to have a hang of what’s going on, whereas I…I’m nowhere near mastering this subject. I can’t drop the class because we’re already nearing the end of the semester, I thought I was going to improve along the way but…

Everytime I open the textbook to study, I already set myself up for failure and on test days, going to the classroom is like going to a death chamber. I have prayed and fasted about this course yet I’m still struggling; I feel dumb, so stupid not to get this course! The final exam is approaching in three weeks and I’m already dreading. “Lord, please come to my rescue!”

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me” –Psalms 23:5

I know that the Lord is with me and has not forsaken me; He’s my hope, comfort, and strength. I can’t question Him, I can’t give up now, and I can’t run away from this final exam. Even though my grades have not been good, I can’t let that frighten me. “Lord, please fill me with You, the boldness to walk through this valley, to fear no evil, and to give all my best for this last exam.” Even if I were to excel in this last exam, it won’t boost up my overall average to an A but at least it will still boost it up. Therefore, I choose to rely on the Lord to provide me with people that can help me prepare better for this final exam and to do my best. Whatever happens, the Lord is in charge!

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