Ladies, Learn How To Cook!

By Single Sisters in University & Ogunfeso Oluwaseyi, Talking About Christian Walk, Relationships, Love and Romance with Sigoluhle Mandizha


y mother once told me that a woman that cannot cook is not cute! We know that men like to eat. Let’s be serious here. We all need to eat to live. Eating out all the time can become expensive and who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal from time to time? The Bible even gives us examples of women of God that cooked: Sara (Ge18:6), the virtuous woman (Pr31:15), and Martha (Lu10:40). If you cannot do anything beyond boiling water, invest in a cookbook. Try one new meal a week and you will quickly improve your cooking skills. There’re also a lot of videos on Youtube that can teach you step-by-step procedures. ABOVE ALL, pray about it, ask the Lord to help you develop a love for cooking and help you cook well. Glorify the Lord in all things ladies!

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