SSU of the Month: Samia

image: Single Sisters in University

Interview Topic: Recovery from a Break-Up

We welcome Samia, a junior in college majoring in Health Studies; she enjoys surfing the internet, cooking, and hanging out with friends on her free time. The topic of our interview is focused on recovering from a break-up.

Samia, you used to be in a long distant relationship, can you briefly tell us how long the relationship was and not going much into details, what went wrong?
The relationship lasted a year and half. The long distance created a crack in the relationship. I think because we could not be with each other physically due to various circumstances, there was no way for the relationship to survive.

How did you realize God’s will for this relationship?
Every plan we tried to accomplish in this relationship was always blocked by various obstacles, so there was no way to go forward. Consequently, I felt that God was maybe telling me something right there. I prayed that God would show me through signs if this relationship was His will, and He indeed revealed Himself to me so that’s how I knew.

What was your reaction at the end of the relationship?
Shocked and disappointed! For a long time, I thought this was God’s plan for me; I thought He wanted me to go into this direction but that wasn’t it. I realized I missed the way.

Did you enter a season of depression where you were downcast?
Yes, definitely! I was heartbroken and really couldn’t understand why God let me go into this relationship knowing it wasn’t His will or maybe I just ignored the writings on the walls when I was embarking in this relationship. I was upset, emotionally torn; it was a mess.

How did you heal emotionally and spiritually?
As they say: “time is a healer”. At first, like I said before I was devastated, I couldn’t understand God’s plan but with time, the Lord opened my eyes to see all the cracks in the relationship and He taught me a lot about myself. I emotionally and spiritually grew up over time.

Was there any temptation to give up on love after this relationship?
No, there wasn’t. The fact that this relationship did not work doesn’t mean that there is no hope in the future. I know that God did not give up on me so why should I give up on His plan to provide me with my future husband? This relationship was a learning experience and I can use it to mentor other sisters that might be going through circumstances like mine.

What will you do differently in your future relationship?
I believe that my next relationship will be my marriage! Since then, the Lord has taught me so much about relationships and marriage; I listen to sermons like “Qualities of a good Man” by Dr. Myles Munroe and many others which have been inspiring. I am more mature now and I know that God will see me through.

Any word for SSU who have gone through a break-up?
It’s very easy to give up on God and love after a break-up or even begin to date just anyone that comes your way after a break-up in an attempt to heal your wounds. I will recommend SSU to spend a lot of time to know God better, love and serve Him. Listen to God-fearing men that talk about marriage based on the Word of God, I suggest pastors like Dr. Myles Munroe and Jimmy Evans. Be wise, God bless you sisters!

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