With the recent wind of newer technologies and ideologies, our lives have been garnished with social media, smartphones, career drives, and the pursuit of happiness. All of these are great and have contributed a lot to our advancement, nonetheless, in the midst of all our busyness, the question for an SSU and all other Christian ladies is this: Do we love God more than anything else? It’s easy to say that we love God but in practice, it’s a bit different. Do we consider God as our best friend? Our confidant? For He desires all of us not half, not part, but all of us. He desires us to run to Him when we’re happy, sad, doubtful, angry, weak, or strong. God wants to come first in our lives: He wants us to call on Him first before we reach out to our doctors, family, friends, or the internet. Like a passionate lover, He wants to be with us every step of the way,
What do you think the Scriptures mean when they say that God longs jealously for the
human spirit He has placed within us?— James 4:5

So, how do we love God? Well, before any feelings of love can be manifested for someone, we must first get to know the person, and what better way to know God than through His Word. This means read the Bible. For it’s through the regularreading of the Word that we discover who God really is (not what our pastor or the TV say He is). We get to know God personally for ourselves, God speaking to us. And like any communication, there needs to be a two-way traffic, that’s where prayer comes into play: Pray without ceasing, the apostle Paul said (1 Thess.5:17). And if we want to get even closer to God, we integrate fasting into our time. Fasting doesn’t mean starving ourselves for hours, but rather putting aside food, habits, or activities to spend more time with the Lord.

It’s true that we’re all familiar with the above practices to nurture a closer relationship with God; we know that as ‘good’ Christians, we need to pray, fast, read the Bible, etc. However, to be honest with ourselves, we don’t constantly and affectionately do this in practice. Jesus adds: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Can we sincerely say to ourselves that we long to keep God’s commandments? Ladies, let’s love our God, our Maker. Perhaps life circumstances have diminished our love for God or the fact that He didn’t operate as expected frustrated our love… God is still God. Job, Joseph (son of Jacob), and Jesus went through cruel seasons of their lives, yet they never gave up on God because they understood that He will see them through. Our understanding may be currently limited of why God allows some things to happen but we must cling to His Word that He works all things for good. Though we may not comprehend now, we need to hold on to the truth that He’s good and in control. Let’s take our frustrations to the Lord and find consolation in His presence. For It’s better to be on the Lord’s side than be left to ourselves for the devil to devour us. SSU, love your God! Ladies, let’s love our God. Let’s long for Him more than the things of this world, more than marriage, family, friends, and the rest.
We love because He first loved us— 1 John 4:19

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