SSU of the Month: Elodie

image: Single Sisters in University

Interview Topic: College Fashion

Sisters! We welcome Elodie, our SSU of the month. She holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering; she enjoys watching movies and engaging in IT research. In this interview, we talk about college fashion and how it relates to our faith in Christ.

Please describe to us your college fashion trends?
Oh wow! Fashion in my school was so versatile. Each department had its own trends. For example, the Business majors tended to dress up more professionally, while the Fine Arts majors dressed up more hippie, and the Science majors were more into sweaters or laid-back clothing, etc. Fashion really varied depending on the field of study.

What is your fashion style?
My style is more about my own twist on street style. I can be inspired by current trends and think about my own way of tweaking whatever style in order to fit my personality. I am not into brands, I go more for what is comfortable to me.

What is your makeup style?
Soft and colorful. I like makeup that is soft appearing gentle on the face. I like to use different colors to make my makeup more lively.

What role does your faith play in the way you dressed/wore makeup at school?
A big role I would say! When I looked at myself in the mirror I always wanted to ensure that God was pleased with the way I looked. I tried to stay away from heavy makeup because I think it just attracts unnecessary attention. I also applied a rule that I call the five-parts rule; these are five parts that should always be covered when I dressed up: (1) Cleavage (2) Belly (3) Bottucks (4) Thighs (5) Bra (on this one, I made sure I don’t wear clothing where my bra can be see-through).
I think the way you dress is a way of quietly preaching to your colleagues/friends at school as it reflects who you are in Christ. So many college women dress indecently that children of God should stand out from the multitude.

According to you, is it a slippery slope to keep up with college fashion trends?
Yes. Fashion trends in of themselves are not bad but when you want to keep up with it, it means you always have to do everything to be on top of the game. Keeping up with college fashion trends becomes a drive and I think it can distract you from your calling. Fashion is good to spice up your wardrobe and improve your look but when you keep up with it, you start spending up money on things you don’t really need but want.

1 Peter 3:3 says “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes”. This verse has created a lot of disagreements in the Church in relations to how a woman should dress up. What is your intake on that?
Yes, definitely this verse has been controversial over the years. I even heard a lady on Youtube the other time condemning women that wear makeup, extensions, and all. The question that I ask myself is this: If I wore gold jewelry and fine clothes today and Christ came back to rapture the Church, would I miss Heaven because I was wearing this outward adornment? Of course not. We are saved by grace through faith; as long as my hairstyle, jewelry, etc do not cause my brother to lust or lead me into materialistic idolatry, the Lord is still pleased with me. There are also examples of women in the Bible that wore outward adornment like Ruth (Ruth 3:3) and Esther (5:1), and there were not sinning against God.

How would you advise SSU in terms of college fashion?
I would advise SSU to reflect Christ in the way they dress up. This doesn’t mean to start wearing burqas neither does it mean to show private parts, but to think of the way they dress up as a testimony to a lost and dying world who could learn from your modest clothing.

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