SSU of the Month: Altesse

image: Single Sisters in University

Interview Topic: Financial Matters

Sisters, meet Altesse, a first-year student in Pediatrics. Altesse is a big fan of listening to gospel music, reading the Bible, shopping, and watching TV. Be inspired as we engage in a discussion about money, money, and money!

First things first, what money personality do you have: are you a spender or a saver?
I’m a money saver; I like to save so that when I am in need or if there is an emergency, I know I have a backup.

How do you manage your finances?
I plan first; I lay out a list of things that I know I have to buy ahead. I also make sure to differentiate between needs and wants; I prioritize the needs while the wants can be bought later on. I always make sure there is money left to save for emergencies.

The Bible says that “the love of money is the root of all evil”; have you ever struggled in this area where you were consumed by the love of money?
Oh yeah! I remember this happened at the beginning of this year, I used to see my friends with new trends/new electronics, and I envied them. As a result, I kept on trying to convince my parents that I needed a job but they kept on reassuring me that they could provide for me. One Sunday at church, I heard a message that changed my mind: the pastor warned us about people that are drawn away by the love money and encouraged us to be satisfied with what we have. It’s at that point that I realized that I loved money and should learn to be satisfied with what God gave me.

What financial management mistake have you made? What lessons did you learn?
I’ve made a lot of mistakes, it almost happens all the time. There was a time I wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but this was not part of my emergency funds plan. So, after I purchased the tablet, I realized I needed money to buy a laptop for school. Now whenever I want to buy something, I need to make sure that I really really really need it.

How do you avoid financial stress?
I analyze my budget, what I currently have. Again, I try to ignore unnecessary expenses and keep saving money for those emergency needs because I hate spending on unnecessary stuff. If there is something I need, then I look if it falls within my budget.

Do you practice tithing? Why or why not?
I do practice tithing because I believe the more you give to God, the more you receive in return.

What financial advices do you have for SSU?
I would advise SSU not to follow every single thing that people around them do. Do not envy people for what they have, you have to be determined on what you want; you can’t just get things because you see others people having them. You have to look at your budget and ask yourself: Do I really need this? Can I afford it? Don’t be a follower because you never know what people did to get what they have. Focus on what God gave you and be satisfied with what you have.

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