A Guide to Dealing with the Members of Your Group Project

By Emily Menton, College Cures

You’re in class and your professor has just announced that a large part of your grade is based on a group project. You just had one of two reactions: you either let out a groan of despair, your mind wandering back to past disasters of group projects, wondering how to keep a decent grade with THAT on your record. On the other hand, you could have felt a jolt of excitement. OMG, you think, LESS WORK FOR ME. Clearly you’ve never done a group project before.

To be clear, a group project doesn’t HAVE to be a deadening, horrifying experience. In fact, it can be a fun, collaborative work bringing out the best in all the group members. This is just so rare its barely worth mentioning. Generally, the people you meet during a group project will fall into a series of categories. These are the people you will have to get through (with extreme difficulty) to get a good grade in this class…..Read More

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