SSU of the Month: Beaullah

image: Beaullah C.

Interview Topic: Being Christian in College

Sisters! Meet Beaullah, a former SSU who holds a Bachelors in Biology & Health Promotion, and a Masters in Counseling. In her free time, you’ll find Beaullah going to concert, running, or just being outside. We had a chat on her Christian journey in college talking about her outreach experience, finances, sexual purity, and more. Be blessed!

What type of school did you attend (secular vs religious)? What was the dominant faith of your classmates?
I attended a public-secular school. My classmates were all over the place, ranging from different faiths to no faith at all. Some said they believed in one thing but not really living it out.

Did you have a plan to impact your friends for Christ? If yes, how? If no, why not?
That definitely happened in graduate school, but in undergrad, no, I was terrified of that idea. In graduate school, I was more focused on being involved with ministries like Campus Crusade for Christ and Impact Movement, which focused on evangelism and sharing the Gospel. So just being in those ministries and being a leader in them, I had to share my faith and learn what the Gospel message really was. Once it hit me, that’s when I became more intentional about sharing Christ with people.

What obstacles did you face as a Christian in college?
In undergrad, I was bored a lot to just not having people who understood that I took God seriously when for them it was not that serious. In grad school, I just didn’t agree with the models suggested concerning sexuality and human beings.

One of the challenges that students also face is money. How did you handle your finances as a Christian?
I was fortunate enough that my parents pretty much covered everything; I had pocket money to buy what I needed. I think I did fairly well in handling and spending the money. One thing I regret is not giving my money away as I would have loved to.

How did you maintain your sexual purity in school?
I did not unfortunately in undergrad; I gave in to temptation, but I always felt bad. It wasn’t until my senior year where I really made a commitment and started learning more about why God cares not to have sex and God’s view of sex. And that’s when I took the decision to maintain my sexual purity once I got a clear understanding instead of just going by what people used to tell me “because the Bible says so.”

Did you approach your studies any differently as a Christian?
That’s a good question. I don’t think I did honestly. Maybe at times when I would be stressed out,I would pray and say “Lord, lead me”. But generally, aside from my usual prayers when I prayed for a test to remember the information I studied, I don’t think there was a special approach.

There’re so many influences in school that can lead one astray from the Lord. What advice would you give an SSU today?
Christ is better! He is the ultimate fulfillment, ultimate experience, He is the ultimate everything. You should truly trust Him and understand the Gospel on a day-to-day basis. That just changed my whole life. Also, SSU should definitely have a community, a group of other women/other believers who are serious about their walk with God and with whom they can be honest and share their struggles. People with whom they can confess their sins before God. They should have people that can hold them accountable, those who care enough to call and check up on them.

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