Love People, Use Things vs Use People, Love Things

This world operates under a popular system: “Love things and use people.” Whether we admit or not, we, Christians, tend to function in that manner too. At times, we befriend some individuals not for love but for employment or connection purposes. We’re very cautious with our money and if anyone dares to cheat us financially, we’re ready to wage a war. If someone accidentally scratches our car, we’ll fight tooth and nail to make the person fix it; whereas when it comes to wrestling in prayer for the salvation of a loved one, that’s too demanding.
Couple of weeks ago, my sister borrowed my car to run errands; upon her return, she forgot to close the sunroof. Later on that day, it started raining and the car was parked outside. I was getting ready to close the living room’s windows when I saw the car’s sunroof open. OH MY GOODNESS! I felt like going mad, I rushed into my sister’s room and shouted: “You left my sunroof open, it’s pouring outside and you’re here sitting quietly in your bedroom not realizing that there’s a car getting wet! Where’re my car keys?” She just started apologizing and by that time, I was so furious that I didn’t want to hear a thing. I left the room with the keys and went straight outside to close the sunroof. Don’t worry the car didn’t get damaged (praise the Lord!). When I calmed down that night, I understood one thing: “I value more my car than my sister’s apologies.”

image source: Pinterest

The Lord Jesus gave us an important instruction regarding this matter: “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?” Matthew 16:25-26. Jesus Himself set the perfect example: -He left His glory in heaven to take on the human nature in order to show God’s love to the world -He allowed Mary to anoint His feet with costly perfume in place of using it for monetary gains like Judas Iscariot intended (John 12:3-6) -He could have chosen to befriend the wealthy Pharisees and scribes for influential purposes but rather chose poor men like John, James, and Peter. What if on that day, I respectfully spoke to my sister and accepted her apologies, how it would have blessed her heart so much! She would have felt loved rather than guilty (which was Satan’s intention). We all know the feeling, for instance, when someone pays more attention to their phone as opposed to talking to us. So, why do we in turn behave the same way too? We should love people for the sake of Christ and only use things to assist us in our daily activities. Cars, money, technology, jobs, jewelry, and fame will come and go; however, demonstrating the love of God will impact a lost and dying world forever.

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