New Year’s Eve Party & The SSU

image: the telegraph

f I could be on my knees and beg you all ladies, I would do so without hesitation. I’ve seen too many Christian women lose their testimonies at New Year’s Eve parties that something’s gotta change. Many instances such as fornication, drunk driving, physical fights, rape, and so on have taken place during this time of jubilee due to our carelessness. And the devil has rejoiced over our downfalls. It’s time to wake up.

Parties aren’t bad; we see the Lord Jesus, Himself, going to a wedding reception in John 2. The key is not refusing to attend parties but rather discerning which ones to participate in.
When you decide to go to one, be like Jesus, surround yourself with a company of sober-minded people (John 2:2). As a child of God, make wise decisions at the event; if you honor the Lord, He will honor you. Many of your friends probably know that you’re a Christian, therefore proudly embrace your identity in your decision-making regardless of their opinions. This is so that the name of God will not be blasphemed and Satan will not have an open door (Romans 2:24).

I’m begging you ladies, please be sober and vigilant, stay pure in your words, actions, and thoughts for the cause of Christ. Don’t give in to a temporary moment of worldly pleasure that can forever impact your future.

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