Beware of Courses that Can Negatively Impact Your Faith

University is a kingdom of its own. If you’ve been long enough in school, especially large and public ones, you’d have understood that there is a specific culture, language, and conduct prevalent on your campus with Satan/demons (the king) reigning at the top. Several course contents are meant to be adversarial to the Christian faith, for instance, Biology focuses on evolution of humanity rather than creation. I personally took a media class in which it was a requirement to watch R-rated movies. At times, you can get away with those types of courses while other times, you are obliged to take them, what do we do?


Daniel 11:32 warns: “With flattery he [the antiChrist] will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him.” In these last days, the world of darkness will use so many tactics to mislead us in our faith like flattery. There are course materials/discussions that teach us another Jesus, undermine the gravity of sin, or neglect the importance of holiness and chastity. The content appear truthful and reasonable yet in reality, it goes against the Word. Should we avoid selecting those courses? Absolutely. Is it always possible? No. As previously mentioned, at times these courses can be part of our core requirements for graduation. So, what do we do? Daniel 11:32 states that those who’ll be corrupted by the antiChrist are the ones that violated the covenant. Meaning those who have already given the devil a foothold in their lives through immorality, covetousness, cheating, and what have you. However, the group that stays vigilant and strong in the midst of this flattery is the one that knows and walk blamelessly with their God, who study and apply the Bible, and persevere in the faith till the end. That’s why it’s crucial to be immersed in the Word of God; if we’re not knowledgeable about the Word, how will we be capable of recognizing the heresy taught in class?

Our attitude is to be the light of Christ in the darkness of our class. Always asking the Lord to give us strength to live for Him and stay pure. So, we follow our professors’ instructions in the classroom and do our best to succeed while maintaining our integrity in the Lord instead of conforming to the patterns of this world.

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