SSU of the Month: Elimare

Interview Topic: Dealing with Difficult Roommates

Sisters! Meet Elimare, a college freshman majoring in Nursing Studies. In her spare time, you’ll find Sophie surfing the internet, watching tv & movies, and styling her friends’ hair. Our interview focuses on those roommates that make your stay unbearable or annoying. How do you cope with them?

How many roommates do you presently live with?
I currently live with three roommates.

How is the general atmosphere in the house?
I have two answers for this question. One, I would say that we do get along pretty well among ourselves, but two, as far as keeping the house neat, we kinda have issues in that area.

Describe your most difficult roommate
My most difficult roommate is not mindful of others, she’s untidy: She doesn’t clean up after herself, whether it has to do with laundry, dishes, she’s messy and weird in that area. She lives her undergarments all over the floor. She has a cat that eats every food left on the kitchen. The cat even licks water from the kitchen faucet. There was this one day where her bleeding cat messed up the bathroom with his fur and I had to clean it all up.

How do you cope with her?
I just try my best not to pay attention to her behavior. When it comes to the cleanliness of the kitchen, for example, I always put her dishes away and just wash mine. I used to do the dishes for her to send a message but she still persisted in the same conduct. These days, I just ignore whatever she does to have my peace.

As a Christian, how do you represent Christ among your roommates?
My behavior is different than my roommates. I do my best to watch my words and actions and hopes it sends a message to the roommates because they can tell that there’s something peculiar about me.

Some people prefer not to voice their concerns to their roommates when unpleased with their conducts, what do you think about that?
I think it depends on whom you’re dealing with. My difficult roommate, for instance, I talked to her about her uncleanliness and her cat, but she was ignorant to my concerns. So, people like that after approaching once without result, you just have to give up. On the other hand, if you have a comprehensive roommate then you can voice your concerns when unpleased.

How do you approach conflicts in the house?
I tried to tackle the matter right away there and then.Other times when I don’t think it’s necessary to engage in talks, I’ll just let it slide.

What advice would you give to SSU dealing with difficult roommates?
Try to resolve any issues you have if possible because communication is the key since you all have the same rights. If it doesn’t work, change roommates if possible. If impossible, do your best to live at peace with your difficult roommates by not letting yourself be irritated. Don’t focus on all the things they do wrong.


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