SSU of the Month: Bene

Interview Topic: When College Students’ Parents Divorce

Sisters! Meet Bene, a former SSU. Bene holds a Masters in Business Administration and currently works as an evangelist. College students are extremely busy trying to juggle school, work, and extra-curricular activities. The last thing they want is handle a family crisis. How does one deal with that? Here’s Bene’s testimony.

What year were you in college when your family hit a crisis? Not going much into details, how did the news reach you?
I was in my third year in college; actually, the day I received the news (via phone) about my parents’ broken relationship was before going to a midterm exam, so you can imagine the trauma.

How did you handle this news?
Since I was going to write my midterm exam I asked the Lord to give me strength to put this matter aside until I finished my exam. When I got back home that evening, I was in tears, it was very difficult and unfathomable.

What were the impacts on your faith and studies?
The whole experience was traumatic that I remember just being numb at times. I constantly prayed God for courage and strength because I just couldn’t bear it. I didn’t blame God for the issue but just asked for His strength day in and day out. I was praying for my parents’ reconciliation, I was just so overwhelmed. Before going to class or doing homework, I was begging God to do the supernatural by helping me focus.

How did you find consolation during those difficult times?
I would say that my mother’s courage through these times gave me hope that it was going to be okay and that I should learn from her character. I can’t also emphasize God’s power at work in me behind the scenes. None of my friends knew what I was going through, I still presented myself before them with a smile, not because I was masking my emotions, but Jesus was the joy of my strength, my Rock, and comforter.

Did this situation change your outlook on marriage? Why or why not?
Absolutely. I gave up dreaming about a blessed marriage that I was longing for because I thought that marriage only brought pain and suffering. I began to approve and go along with the apostle Paul’s words that said it’s preferable to be single than married.

Have you been able to get through the whole situation?
My parents got back together after a few years so this was a great miracle! Prior to that, I went through a great season of bitterness and unforgiveness. Though the Holy Spirit was convicting me to repent I wasn’t willing to surrender these feelings. I bless the Lord that with time I accepted to let go and let God. So even before my parents’ reconciliation, the Lord began healing me softly by restoring my peace and view of marriage.

What advice would you give to SSU?
Never ever give up on God. Though you may be tempted to blame God, don’t do it. The Lord will be the only supernatural power to help you go through it all. Even though you may get counseling, which is therapeutic, but God is the only one that can do what men cannot. Ask God to give you strength to focus on your studies despite the odds, He alone can do that miracle work in you. Seek to be closer to God ever than before during these times through prayer, fasting, serving others in need, etc.

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