Eating Healthy on a Single Mom Budget

Each single mom has her own unique experience and challenges. My only real challenge as a single mom is finances. There just never seems to be enough money. Ever. Feeding a family on a single mom budget isn’t always easy, but I’ve found what works for us. It is entirely possible to feed a family healthy foods on a tight budget. In fact, I spend approximately $65 each week. Here’s how.

Cooking from ‘scratch’ saves money.

I grew up eating minimally processed foods because that’s what was available. people cooked. As a part of a big southern family, I most certainly learned to cook.
Always practical, I never began buying processed foods when they came into fashion. I just didn’t see the logic in spending more for less. Today, I realize it’s not only less expensive to cook my own food, but it’s also healthier… Read More

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