SSU of the Month: Ms. Germaine

SSU Special Edition: Preparing For Marriage
Interview with a Married Woman

image: Single Sisters in University

Sisters, meet Ms. Germaine! She’s a wife and mother of four adult children. She serves as a contributor and prayer partner for SSU online ministry. For several years now, she has been counseling families and discipling single ladies by the grace of God. Using her experience, she answers few questions concerning marriage preparation.

Take us back in time, how did you prepare for marriage as a single woman?
I wasn’t born in a Christian family so I had no one to actually disciple me in the ways of the Lord. I didn’t have anyone to guide and instruct me on marriage preparation, as a result, I didn’t intentionally prepare myself for it.

What aspects of marriage were you unaware of or unprepared for?
When I got married I only knew that a wife must love her husband and in-laws. I wasn’t aware of anything else. The greatest challenge in marriage has been dealing with my in-laws; being in an inter-tribal marriage created serious complications that I was unprepared for.

What do you think is the most important quality that a future wife must possess?
A future wife must love and trust God with all her heart. Why? because with God everything is possible. God will be the source of strength and courage to press on no matter the difficulties a wife encounters in marriage. The future wife must learn to put God first in all things.

In your experience from raising three daughters, what bad habits should most women overcome before entering a married life?
One of the bad habits is to neglect time with God, and thus not prioritizing quiet time with the Lord. Second is to stop coveting what other people have. Women should learn to be content with what they have in life because in their future marriage they will meet people/friends who have more than them and at that moment, covetousness will be their biggest enemy bringing serious troubles in their matrimonial homes. Third, they should stop quarreling or arguing with people; 2 Timothy 2:24 even advises that it’s not proper for a servant of God to engage in such activities. I can guarantee that learning to be a peaceful woman will foster a healthier relationship with your spouse and in-laws.

How can single women stay encouraged to wait on the Lord for their partner?
They must trust in the Lord at all times. They should be encouraged by the frequent reading of God’s promises in the Bible. This will lift them up because God never lies or fails.

What advice do you have for today’s single women looking forward to marriage?
My advice for Christian ladies in waiting is not to give up because God will remember them in His appropriate time, they should keep praying. For His name’s sake and glory, God will not forsake, abandon, nor leave them. He will do what He promises in His word because He is faithful; He’s not a man that He should lie or mislead His children.

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