SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation


The common expectation of a student is to land his/her dream job right after graduation, however, in the real world, things don’t always turn out this way. These days, competition to enter the workforce has become fiercer and companies are more interested in experience years than academic ones. Additionally, without good ‘connections’ in certain workplaces, the process of hiring can be tough. Despite the many factors standing in your way to getting your dream job, do not grow depressed but accept this truth and show humility by temporarily settling for something else.

After I got my Master’s degree in Health Management, I was excited about the idea of finally putting my hard years of labor to use. I knew that I wouldn’t land a health manager position right away as it requires years of experience, but I wanted at least to work in the medical field. I started praying and applying, praying and applying, praying and applying without getting any glimpse of hope. One day a former classmate advised me to get any decent job instead of being adamant about entering the medical field at all costs. In my opinion, I didn’t think I was being adamant, I thought I was being reasonable; why study in a particular field for years if not to land a career in it? Hence, I discarded my classmate’s advice and continued my pursuit of happiness. Several months passed, I waited, waited, and waited for interview calls that were never made, I became so downhearted. The same classmate talked to me again and at that moment, I was ready to take on any job; I followed his tips on how and where to proceed. Within two weeks, I got an administrative job in a structural engineering company. Now, this was definitely not what I had imagined for my life but I was happy because at least I got a job! This taught me a big lesson: The Lord was used my classmate to explain the realities out there yet I refused, consequently, I suffered. When I finally surrendered, I was then blessed with a job. Besides, the interesting thing is that a number of my co-workers in the engineering company didn’t even have an engineering background. They seized this job opportunity as a mean of living until they could later on secure their dream job. I realized at that point, how necessary it is to be humble in life, humble enough to seize opportunities that the Lord places before us, and humble enough to work in ‘outside fields’ in order to be prepared for greater work.

It’s a blessing when you land your dream job after graduation, however, when situations turn out differently, you have to be open and humble enough to accept working in another field until you get to your destination. It’s important to always commit our ways to the Lord and let Him direct our paths, just like Proverbs 16:9 says “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

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