Erasing God

End Times Special Edition

If you’ve been in university for some time, you have probably noticed that you’re in an environment that doesn’t really acknowledge God (unless your school is Christian). From your classmates’ conversations to your professors’ lectures and campus atmosphere, there is no sense of God reverence; worst of all, people have developed a culture that erases God in their daily lives. When someone achieves something, it’s thanks to their ‘stars’; if the weather is good or bad, it’s referred to as ‘mother nature’; ‘good luck’ is wished to those embarking on a journey; and ‘just follow your heart’ is the popular advice. Seldom do people acknowledge the presence or power of God; I guess the only times the names ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, or ‘Christ’ are mentioned are during cursing.

…And those who forsake the Lord shall be consumed—Isaiah 1:28

Now, the above verse is not included here as a threat to those who try to erase God in their lives; but let’s think about this, for us Christians, we should realize that our Heavenly Father is our Source, and apart from Him, we can do nothing. Embracing a campus culture that suppresses the existence of God is not to our benefit. I see a lot of us claiming to be Christians yet erasing God when it comes to handling our finances, job, friendships, intimate relationships, or life choices. No wonder, we are ‘consumed’ at the end of the day because we are not operating according to the instructions of the ‘Manufacturer’ (i.e. God). The depression, suicidal thoughts, hypertension, restlessness, heartbreaks, etc are all indications that something’s not right, because according to Matthew 11:28-29, it says “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest…and you will find rest for your souls.” We find rest when we put our faith in Christ and surrender all to Him. When we don’t, the aftermath is what we are currently experiencing. Thus, instead of rushing to the next appointment with the psychologist or counselor, we need to pause and reflect…’Those who forsake the Lord shall be consumed.’ Let’s return to our Source.

Let the people on campus operate in their own ways, but as daughters of God, we should be the difference. I know at times there might be a sense of embarrassment or shame to submit to the ways of God in front of our peers, however, we must ask ourselves: Are we going to follow the multitude to sin? Or follow Jesus to life and salvation? Whom do we fear the most, God or the world?

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