by Mariam Ojasanya

Shout out to all the beautiful single sisters out there who seem to still be waiting for a future partner. A lady is praying, waiting, and hoping to have a future partner. Waiting for prince charming “I sleep expecting that he will come” I close my eyes in deep sleep. Close my mouth in silence expecting him to come and wake me up from my deep sleep. I remain stagnant expecting his kiss on my cheek. I wait and wait for him to come. Although, I am a bit weary but yet I keep waiting for him to take my hand. Now, I have become disappointed because he hasn’t come. I keep asking myself different questions: When will he come? Is he close? Is he not coming? Where has he gone to?

One day, I suddenly realized that the story of “prince charming and the Sleeping Beauty” was just a fairy tale. I said to myself : “Oh girl, you have been waiting too long for just a fairy tale!”  I wasted so much time waiting to experience a fairy tale! The most beautiful damsel has been so stagnant in life, why? Because she so much believed in Hollywood/Nollywood love and relationship life and kept fantasizing on the time she will experience that precious moment. Many ladies have put their life on hold and have wasted valuable years claiming they are waiting for someone to come and decorate their lives with love.

‘Wait’ is an action word; it is a preparation for the next journey. When you are in a long queue at the ATM, you know how much patience it takes to get to your turn. Many will fight/abuse and create issues while waiting in the queue.  However, you can decide what to do with your time (read, listen to music, gist and so on). It doesn’t matter how long you have waited or how long you are waiting for. It does not matter how many hours or minutes you have waited or waiting for. All that matters most is that you are patient enough to receive what rightly belongs to you. When you are patient, that doesn’t mean you are foolish or stupid but it shows that you are ready to be on a calm receiving side. While still in the long queue, you can get tired of waiting and decide to leave. Hence, the waiting period can be frustrating, boring, tiring but you can invest in that period. Don’t wait until he comes before you start living the life you dream of or want. You can create it now even before he comes.

A lady is born to be celebrated: Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself then you will realize that you are born to be celebrated. You should not wait until you have a title before you are celebrated, I am not saying that you should be comfortable with your status instead you should appreciate yourself daily. You are created to showcase God’s glory (Ezekiel 16:1-16).

Dear single sister, don’t wait until you say “Yes I do” before you are celebrated; put on your dancing shoes and start a journey that leads to celebration. A lady stepping shoe makes noise because she knows why she must be celebrated. Don’t put your life on hold because you are expecting him to come. Sometimes a man might not notice you until you start creating the life you want to live in. A lady should use her waiting period to invest and develop herself. The best way to create the life she wants to live in is to build intimacy with God, because this will preserve you before and during marriage. Your intimacy with God will lead you to find yourself before the man finds you.

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