*Marriageable Age*

by Ojasanya Mariam

There is a purpose to fulfill in marriage and even prior to marriage.

Marriage is not compulsory in life but scriptural, it is written that man should be ‘fruitful and increase in number’. In spite of this laid-down rule about multiplication and domination, we have choices to make whether to preserve ourselves and be faithful or do otherwise.

Without a taste of doubt, your marital status is not a ticket to heaven, but you must know that you are brought out of a “union” (out of purpose) and you have a purpose to fulfill on earth.

When people raise a question in the air, asking me when I will get married, I playfully say that “I have not reached marriageable age”.

What is marriageable age?
Who is marriageable?

Marriageable age is the minimum age at which a person is permitted by law to marry, either as a right or subject to parental, judicial or other forms of approval.
Well, some of my mates are married, others in a relationship, while the rest of them are still single; nonetheless, we must understand that with God, there is no marriageable age. It is about walking in His will.
Don’t let pressure or external influence pin you to the wall — never let them dictate your life in order to not be misled into a wrong relationship. It is not about who start a race first, but it is about who knew why he/she is running a race.

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