By Ojasanya Mariam

We don’t wait “until he comes” anymore .
He comes when we are already walking.
We stop waiting on Hollywood /Nollywood love life because we know that we need to create the beautiful life we want to live in and when he comes into the picture, he expands it for us.
Stand up beautiful damsel
It is a call
A call to stop waiting until he comes
You don’t need to sleep because many ladies are not sleeping anymore.
It is time to rise and take over
Time to take charge
We need to celebrate.
Proverb 31 explains that this wife was not just sitting down, she was a queen who ruled over a territory.
A queen who already set things in place.

Hey go,
Hey ride,
You don’t have to wait for him before you take off.
Your tomorrow starts today
Your today talks about your yesterday
What you use today to do becomes history tomorrow
Building yourself before marriage is the best gift you can give him.

When a lady gets tired of waiting she becomes so bored with life and tries forcing herself to hate everything that comes her way..
When she sees any available arms she runs into them.
Running into the arms of the world and pursuing relationship on your own terms will only produce anger, hurt, disappointment, and frustration.
Many ladies believe that marriage is an escape route for loneliness, but when we get into marriage then we will understand that there are times in marriage that we will be lonely.
Hence, don’t act like you are the one that will create the life God had promised you with your own strength and strategies. If you do so then you will absolutely be in the wrong.
Hey wait, no one is rushing you

Hey move
It is really a time to take a move, take a step ahead, let’s start moving to the next stage of life. It is advisable to start shaping yourself to what you want to be addressed as…
Hey move until you reach there, where the right man can get you.

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