Sisters’ Corner, E112 “Preserving your Purity while Waiting for Marriage”

Hi sisters,
I’m chatting today with Nesu, a sister in the ministry, on preserving our purity while waiting for marriage. Here are the points we addressed:

•What is purity? 00:45
•Is purity before marriage only an issue of physical abstinence? 03:23
•How to resist temptations coming from men, dating apps, media, etc? 06:24
•What are some of the habits that can reinforce a pure lifestyle? 14:27
•How to ensure that we marry God’s will for our life? 19:20
•What are some of the steps we want to take to maintain purity with our future partner before marriage? 30:00
•What do sisters need to know about purity before marriage? 35:06

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