The 10 Commandments on Money

The 10 commandments on money are taken from Zac Poonen’s sermon “Some Truths I Have Learnt In 50 Years, pt 4”

  1. Never make your financial needs known to anyone but God 00:10
  2. Never accept money from unbelievers 02:33
  3. Never expect any gift from anyone 04:53
  4. Never allow anyone to control you by giving you money 08:00
  5. Never accept money from those who don’t receive your ministry 09:02
  6. Never accept money for your personal needs from those poorer than you 09:22
  7. Never be dependent on any man for your financial needs 10:40
  8. Never handle money in a way that causes suspicion 11:18
  9. Never be excited when you get money 12:37
  10. Never be depressed when you lose 13:30

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