SSU Chats, E120 “Q&A on Christianity, Work, and Singleness”

Hello sisters! Today, I answer some of the common questions that I get from you; prayerfully, it will bless someone out there. Please see below the questions I am addressing:

-What do you think about the current virus situation? 01:11
-Will you be making videos on a more regular schedule? 02:37
-What to do when you are out of employment? 04:11
-How to minister Christ at work? 06:54
-Why are you still single? 09:56
-How do you cope not being stressed about marriage? 10:31
-Should we still wait for marriage in these last days? 12:44
-How do you forget the pain of past mistakes? 16:10
-How do you forgive relatives that have hurt you? 19:35
-Have you found a new church? 22:57
-Conclusion 26:39

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