Hello sisters, I will be answering your questions today, please find below what was addressed:
-Am I going to drink the ‘wine’? 00:36
-What if my job requires me to take the ‘wine’ to keep on working? 03:26
-Do you think Jesus is coming soon? 05:16
-How to find fulfillment in an unfulfilled work? 06:31
-How can I make time for God when you are so busy with work? 09:47
-By what manner can I be set free from spirit spouses? 13:39
-How to keep positive in these tumultuous times we are currently living? 17:17
-I have no church, how can I find people in the Lord to connect with? 20:16
-I am going through spiritual attacks when I sleep, what is a way to overcome them? 22:38
-What progress have you seen in yourself and SSU sisters over the years? 27:50

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