About Us

Launched on September 1st, 2012, Single Sisters in University (SSU), an online ministry, was conceived for Christian single ladies on campus. For over five years, SSU encouraged Christian sisters in the areas of faith, singleness, and campus life. Now, with many SSU sisters that have graduated and entered the workforce, the ministry has transitioned into a new edition called SSU-Life After University in order to continue the support.

Our Mission
To build up sisters in their walk with Jesus Christ, the workplace, and singleness.

Our Vision
To raise up a generation of Spirit-filled ladies that say no to ungodliness and worldly passions, and live self-controlled and godly lives – Titus 2:12

The Team


Ms. Germaine, a wife and mother of three, serves as a contributor and prayer partner for SSU online ministry. For several years now, she has been counseling families and discipling single ladies by the grace of God. She brings her gift to the ministry to serve the body of Christ.

Elodie serves as a contributor and prayer partner for SSU online ministry. As a former SSU, she definitely relates to the challenges that Christian single ladies are faced with on campus, that is why she joined the team to provide support and encouragement.

Christie serves as a contributor, prayer partner, and editor for SSU online ministry. As a former SSU, she has a desire to see SSU worldwide graduate uncorrupted from university just as she did by the grace of God.