Sisters’ Corner, E98 “U.N.E.M.P.L.O.Y.M.E.N.T.”

Unemployment is no joking matter, especially when it doesn’t go away. You become depressed, embarrassed, and feel useless. Having gone through joblessness many times myself, I share with you ways to live at peace despite this status and smart tips to get employed. Advertisements Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E98 “U.N.E.M.P.L.O.Y.M.E.N.T.”

Sisters’ Corner, E88, “Verse of the Year”

Every year, people always have new resolutions that they mostly do not live up to. Have you heard of the ‘verse of the year’? It’s about having an ‘anchor’ verse to give you support and strength no matter what you are facing throughout the year. This is a better alternative because it also serves as a guide and encouragement in your spiritual life.   Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E88, “Verse of the Year”

2 Majors Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Workforce

In secondary school, stress is placed on getting good grades, because only good grades can get you admitted into a good university. In post-secondary education, the game changes and many students fail to realize that. They continue stressing themselves over studying hard and tough to score high marks in their classes; I’m not implying that this is bad, but instead efforts are placed on the … Continue reading 2 Majors Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Workforce

Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips

1.Give yourself enough time to study Don’t leave it until the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute cramming, it’s widely accepted that (for most of us) this is not the best way to approach an exam. To help sort out  your time management, set up a timetable for your study. Write down how many exams you have and the days … Continue reading Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips

Erasing God

End Times Special Edition If you’ve been in university for some time, you have probably noticed that you’re in an environment that doesn’t really acknowledge God (unless your school is Christian). From your classmates’ conversations to your professors’ lectures and campus atmosphere, there is no sense of God reverence; worst of all, people have developed a culture that erases God in their daily lives. When … Continue reading Erasing God

Should You Get a Second Bachelor’s Degree or Go for a Masters’ Degree?

By Jon Fortenbury Image: City University of Seattle SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation Whether you want to change fields, be a more well-rounded job candidate or just learn something new, deciding between a second bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree is not always easy. While there doesn’t seem to be one overarching correct answer binding everyone who considers the question, that doesn’t mean an … Continue reading Should You Get a Second Bachelor’s Degree or Go for a Masters’ Degree?

11 Tips On How To Balance School, Work And Family

By Tara SSU Mom Special Edition Image: Pinterest #9 Bring your kids on campus with you. Let them see the inside of the buildings, where you have classes, let them meet your professors. If you attend a suburban campus like I do, let them run around in the grass. They think it’s a big park and a big park = fun. When your kids know … Continue reading 11 Tips On How To Balance School, Work And Family

Cheating in School?


The world in which young people live makes it so easy to be dishonest in regards to truth. Think how easy it is to cheat on examinations in school. In fact, we see so much cheating that we must be careful lest cheating appears to be normal to us. Continue reading “Cheating in School?”