*Marriageable Age*

by Ojasanya Mariam There is a purpose to fulfill in marriage and even prior to marriage. Marriage is not compulsory in life but scriptural, it is written that man should be ‘fruitful and increase in number’. In spite of this laid-down rule about multiplication and domination, we have choices to make whether to preserve ourselves … More *Marriageable Age*

Until He Comes

by Mariam Ojasanya Shout out to all the beautiful single sisters out there who seem to still be waiting for a future partner. A lady is praying, waiting, and hoping to have a future partner. Waiting for prince charming “I sleep expecting that he will come” I close my eyes in deep sleep. Close my … More Until He Comes

Holiday Blues

The holiday season is a time of rejoicing and celebrating, many students are excited about going back home, being off from school, getting together with family and friends, etc. Nonetheless, there are also others who are going through pain due to the loss of a loved one, loneliness, or perhaps a sickness.

The Art of Waiting…

Abraham waited 25 years for Isaac (Gen12:4,21:5), Joseph waited 13 years before becoming elevated above his brothers (Gen37:2,41:46), the Hebrews waited 38 years in the desert before entering the promised land (Deut2:14), and I have been waiting 14 years and counting for God’s intervention. “Waiting” is definitely a common theme for those who want to … More The Art of Waiting…