By Francis Chan

“The issue is not much about sexuality as much as it is about surrendering to the kingdom [of God] and being a person who is about the kingdom…The bottom line is: ‘Are you willing to surrender to God no matter what He says? If you disagree with God on an issue, will you still submit to Him?’ I really believe that’s the core issue here.”

The Rapture of the Church Will Occur After the Great Tribulation

End Times Special Edition

We’ve always been taught that the rapture of the Church will take place before the great tribulation, a time of intense pain and suffering worldwide. In this excerpt, Zac Poonen shows through various scriptures that Christians around the world will experience these intense persecutions then after Jesus will come rapture His Church.

Following God From Youth

By Zac Poonen

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before university days come and you will have to fight the devil and his temptations. Take Bible’s values seriously, they will protect you during stormy days in school.

The Amazing Love of God

by Francis Chan

“God, look at what I’m doing for you!” That’s usually the attitude we have towards our Heavenly Father; He owes us for the numerous services and sacrifices we’ve made for Him. So many get the Bible wrong, thinking that it’s just a bunch of rules, do’s and don’ts. A system of works where we earn our way into God’s grace. However, we need to understand that it’s always been about a relationship: It’s about a creator who’s so in love with us that He saved and adopted us as His children despite our sins, faults, and stains. God desires to build a relationship with us based on love. The amazing love of God!