International Student Edition

Money is on the mind of most international students. How do I pay for my tuition fees, rent, feeding, clothing, and other expenses? How do I financially support my family back home? For international students, unable to get a job on campus and unauthorized to work off campus, the struggle becomes real.

Career Search Advice

International Student Edition

One main concern of international students is how to secure a good career after graduation. Based on the American system, I give advice on how international students can get a job.
Topics Covered:
-Getting ready to apply 00:48
-Applying for jobs 03:09
-Interview 20:21
-You got the job! 24:00

“How to Answer Job Interview Questions” article: http://bit.ly/2qGYrgQ

Disappointment: When God Doesn’t Answer

SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation

It’s been a year, two, or three since you graduated and you’re not happy with the level you’re at right now. You don’t have your dream job, dream salary, still living at home, or maybe you’re still not married. Consequently, you’re disappointed in God; despite the prayers and fasting, He’s not doing anything…

Let’s talk it out today.

Life After Graduation Chat

SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation

Hi ladies, I’m chatting today with Mariya, my former classmate and good friend, on  post-graduation life . Here are the questions we’re covering:
-Do graduates end up getting jobs in their field of study?  01:13
-How do I know if I should do a second degree, Master’s degree, or enter the workforce?   09:58
-How has life changed after graduation?  16:04
-How do classmate relationships change after graduation?   20:54
-What happens to the expectations of getting the dream job, the marriage, and the children after graduation?   28:40
-Any word of advice?  35:44

How NOT to Fall in Love

Hi ladies, today’s episode is a Q&A on how NOT to fall in love when you are in school especially for those who feel the infatuation when working with attractive guys in your group projects, study groups, etc.

Who REALLY Loves God?

Ask any Christian: “Do you love God?” The obvious answer will be: “Yes!” But what does it REALLY mean to ‘love’ God? Is it by attending church regularly? Giving offerings? Or going to missions? James 1:12 will answer that for us today.

Standing Firm in Christ on Campus

Hello ladies, today, we have a guest on Sisters’ Corner!! We’re chatting with Comfort, a recent graduate living in London, UK. She’ll be speaking about her determination to stand firm in Christ as a former university student. Be blessed!

Overcoming Temptations in College, #4: Dressing Inappropriately

One of the most important yet neglected temptations that Christian ladies have to deal with on campus is dress code. Ladies, forget about the “don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover” mentality that allows you to follow any popular inappropriate clothing style. We bear the identity of Christ wherever we go coupled with the responsibility to be our brother’s keeper. I’d like to give you practical tips and pointers on how your dress code can be more God-honoring.

5 Lessons I Learnt in 2016

A very happy and merry new year to you ladies!!!
It’s always good to examine ourselves especially when we enter a new year; time to see where we need improvement and how we can glorify more our Heavenly Father. So, I’m sharing with you the five lessons I learnt in 2016 and am encouraging you to do the same in your own life. Judge yourself by going through 2016, see what God has taught you, and how you can apply it this year.


This November we are talking about taboo topics on SSU’s website, and suicide is one of those subjects that we avoid in the Church. Of course, a born-again, Spirit-filled child of God should never entertain suicidal thoughts; nonetheless, we can’t ignore the fact that the devil, at times, may tempt us in this area. The way to overcome this devil’s scheme is found in knowing the difference between ‘being filled’ with the Holy Spirit and ‘having the Holy Spirit in us’.