Sisters’ Corner, E93, “Working With Men”

Men are visual by nature and tend to interpret 'signals' the wrong way; so as women of God in the workplace, we must learn to have the proper attitude towards them.  


Sisters’ Corner, E92, “I Have Lost My First Love”

I have missed you sooo much sisters! It's great to be back! New SSU edition and latest updates are shared in this video!

Sisters’ Corner, E91, “Balancing School Life & Time with God”

SOO sorry sisters for the delayed video!! I have been going through so many technical issues but praise the Lord, the video is finally here!!! Today, it's an interview with Shepher, a freshman in university. We'll be talking about how to balance busy school schedule and quality time with God. Stay blessed!  

Sisters’ Corner, E90, “Victory Over Spirit Husbands,” part 2

Today's video is an update on the topic of "Spirit Husbands/Wives." I answer all the questions that have been asked over the past years and provide a full update on my friend's experience and her second demonic attack even after being delivered.  

Sisters’ Corner, E89, “Sisters in Waiting…”

It's 2018 and all the prophecies about marriage are still yet to be fulfilled! Pressure mounts up, desperation kicks in, and exhaustion is now a recurring feeling: "When on earth is this going to happen???" Well, that's exactly the place where the devil wants single sisters to be so they can take any guy that … Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E89, “Sisters in Waiting…”

Sisters’ Corner, E87, “It’s about GETTING the JOB, NOT the GRADES”

Happy New Year sisters!! Are you preparing for the workforce while in school? Forget about focusing on getting the best grades in class; in the real world, having professional experience is what's going to book you the job! I am sharing today 2 important tips that can prepare you for the workforce.  

Sisters’ Corner, E86, “Rationalizing Fornication”

"Everyone is doing it!", "As long as I don't get pregnant", "We're grown-ups, so what?", "Sexual purity is a thing of the past!"These are few reasons Christian sisters give these days to rationalize fornication (sex outside marriage). My question is "how much do we VALUE our relationship with our Heavenly Father to jeopardize it with … Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E86, “Rationalizing Fornication”

Sisters’ Corner, E85, “Reflections…”

It's soooo great to be back sisters! Many claimed that 2017 was to be a year of perfection, fulfillment of God's promises because of the number 7. But for several people I have encountered, including myself, this year has been one of the most painful years. I reflect today on my journey and how I … Continue reading Sisters’ Corner, E85, “Reflections…”

Say Thank You!

End Times Special Edition Say Thank You! Hi sisters! It’s nice to be back and rolling! We’re hitting the end times theme this September. One of the things that people miss when they talk about the last days is the ungratefulness that will rise in the Church. I’m not talking about refusing to say thank … Continue reading Say Thank You!


International Student Edition Money is on the mind of most international students. How do I pay for my tuition fees, rent, feeding, clothing, and other expenses? How do I financially support my family back home? For international students, unable to get a job on campus and unauthorized to work off campus, the struggle becomes real.