Living for God as a Single Mom

SSU Mom Special Edition Personally, the last thing I want to read when I log onto my Facebook account is some drama somebody has with the other parent of their child. Even if the cops were called, he/she trash-talked you in front of your kid or is taking you to court for the 5th time … Continue reading Living for God as a Single Mom


Tips for Raising Children

SSU Mom Special Edition “You can’t leave it up to chance that your children are gonna come to know the Lord” -Colombus Cody III Columbus Cody III is a devoted Christian, a husband, a father, a teacher, the creator of The Living the Life Show. He is also the author of two recently published books: … Continue reading Tips for Raising Children

Single Moms: Pause & Reflect

it’s even more essential for single moms to pause and reflect in order to learn from the past, progress in life, and set the right example for children

The “X” Factor – Dealing With Our Exs

Even with uninvolved fathers, somehow conversations come up about them, their names are mentioned and some of them even "pop" into our lives at different times. Whether directly or indirectly, we might as well face it, they are a part of our lives forever.

Finding Time For Studying and Parenting

Earning a degree while raising kids is not for the faint of heart. Keeping your kids fed and at least somewhat clean can seem like a tough task on its own some days, but when coupled with the demands of college level coursework your daily responsibilities can seem daunting.

Living For God As A Single Mom

the utmost importance to establish a time each day to spend in the Word and in prayer, preferably first thing in the morning before the day begins...establishing a relationship with God is what will always sustain us.

Co-Parenting with a Non-Believer

the fruit of righteousness comes not by vengeance - but through peace. To start, we should make sure to drop the mindset of who is wrong or right and focus on whether we are remaining in the right.

The Relationship Between The Single Parent, God and Money

I knew that financial management was not the strongest element of my parenting repertoire and committed to pray for wisdom before every bank deposit. Sitting in my car, holding the deposit envelope, I would ask God for wisdom and direction on how to spend, what to save and how to prioritize.

Eating Healthy on a Single Mom Budget

Each single mom has her own unique experience and challenges. My only real challenge as a single mom is finances. There just never seems to be enough money. Ever. Feeding a family on a single mom budget isn't always easy, but I've found what works for us. It is entirely possible to feed a family healthy foods on a tight budget. In fact, I spend approximately $65 each week. Here's how

Learning to Accept and Let Go of What You Can’t Change

As I was leaving the counselor's office one afternoon, he commented, "Well, Pam, it looks like you have unresolved emotions." I thought, "What in the world are those?" After all, who had time to decipher codes like that?