Employees Who Care?

How, on earth, do you produce employees that care about customer service in a self-centered world? This is a question that a number of managers ask themselves these days in an era where workers are interested in nothing else but the paycheck. I had the opportunity of managing an all-man team while working at a … More Employees Who Care?

Sisters’ Corner, E94, “Life of a SUPER Busy Christian Woman”

It’s great to be back, sisters! I invite you today to look through my SUPER busy life and see how despite it all I intentionally want to focus on the Lord. My schedule is not the best, but maybe you can be inspired by some of the things I do to keep my eyes on … More Sisters’ Corner, E94, “Life of a SUPER Busy Christian Woman”

Honesty @ Work

I think honesty is a quality that many Christians struggle with especially when it comes to the workforce. It is very easy to agree and get excited on Sunday, when the pastor speaks on being a good Christian; yet, it is another thing when you have to do it on Monday morning at work. For … More Honesty @ Work