Tired of your Roommate?

Are you tired of your roommate? Her rude attitude has reached your limits and there's no way you can tolerate her 'nonsense' any longer. Ladies, if you can switch rooms/apartment or roommate, do it! If you have to talk to her, do it! Today, I'm talking to those of you who are stuck with the … Continue reading Tired of your Roommate?


SSU of the Month: Elimare

Sisters! Meet Elimare, a college freshman majoring in Nursing Studies. In her spare time, you'll find Sophie surfing the internet, watching tv & movies, and styling her friends' hair. Our interview focuses on those roommates that make your stay unbearable or annoying. How do you cope with them?

Roommate Drama

For anyone who's currently living with a roommate or plans to live with one, this message is for you! Learn how it is actually possible to live peacefully with a difficult roommate through a study of Genesis 13