E99, Sisters’ Corner, “Post-University Life till Marriage”

Hi sisters, Today, I am chatting with Precious on her life post-university till marriage. Precious is one of the first sisters that joined the ministry since its foundation, and we are truly grateful for her contribution today! Advertisements Continue reading E99, Sisters’ Corner, “Post-University Life till Marriage”

Life After Graduation Chat

SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation Hi ladies, I’m chatting today with Mariya, my former classmate and good friend, on  post-graduation life . Here are the questions we’re covering: -Do graduates end up getting jobs in their field of study?  01:13 -How do I know if I should do a second degree, Master’s degree, or enter the workforce?   09:58 -How has life changed after graduation? … Continue reading Life After Graduation Chat

I’m Not Where I Want To Be

SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation

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Your graduation day was so exciting and beautiful; you envisioned your dream career and how bright the future was going to be. Now, it’s been months even close to a year since you graduated and nothing significant has happened in your life. In the meantime on social media, your friends are posting pictures and comments on how well life has treated them since graduation: They have been traveling abroad, secured their dream careers, gotten married, or rented their own place. You become anxious, envious, and embarrassed looking at your own state because you have nothing to show for it. I’m here to tell you that if you are doing all your best and walking blamelessly before God, then there is no cause for alarm; God is conforming you to the image of His Son and will meet your needs in His perfect time. Continue reading “I’m Not Where I Want To Be”

Separation with Friends

SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation

Graduation, graduation, graduation! I love graduation, I love to celebrate the achievements after long semesters of hard work. It’s a great feeling to know that IT IS OVER!!! No more homework, no more group projects, no more timetables; we’re done with school. However, we tend to forget about the reality waiting for us post-graduation time, especially when it comes to friendships. Back in school, we had a routine with our friends: Similar class time slots, weekend get-togethers, same exercise time, etc. Now after graduation, things begin to change making it more difficult to coordinate our plans: Conflicting work schedules and different budgets, social circles, and locations. Consequently, we either find ourselves alone or in dying need of that support group. So what to do? How do we handle such situations?

Continue reading “Separation with Friends”