Life After Graduation Chat

SSU Special Edition: Life After Graduation Hi ladies, I'm chatting today with Mariya, my former classmate and good friend, on  post-graduation life . Here are the questions we're covering: -Do graduates end up getting jobs in their field of study?  01:13 -How do I know if I should do a second degree, Master's degree, or … Continue reading Life After Graduation Chat


I’m Not Where I Want To Be

Now, it’s been months even close to a year since you graduated and nothing significant has happened in your life. In the meantime on social media, your friends are posting pictures and comments on how well life has treated them since graduation

Separation with Friends

After a while , I started noticing that I was the only one making that effort, even close friends didn’t at times answer back my calls or texts. I became deeply saddened that no one showed any sign of concern

SSU of the Month: Christie

Life after graduation can be depressing when you have to move back with parents, return to the same adolescent bedroom, and you feel like a child again instead of a grown-up.