A Woman of Prayer & Fasting

His plan is to steal unity in couples, kill children’s destinies, and consequently, destroy communities. Knowing these truths should compel us, future wives, to be prepared to stand against these forces of opposition.


It’s All About Faith

I’m sure each of us can testify of the unhappy and broken marriages we’ve seen around us as a result of people wanting to do it their way...The proud think they are smarter than God and get ahead of Him

A Pure Bride

as Christian women, we don’t take on pure habits just because we want to become good wives. Undoubtedly, purity will benefit us in our future marriage, but firstly, we should seek to discipline ourselves in order to honor God and flee from sin

How to Destroy Your Marriage Before It Begins

We have an enemy set against us and our impending marriage... He hates God, and he hates marriage because it depicts the gospel. One of Satan's most effective strategies to corrupt the gospel-portraying union of marriage is to attack couples through sexual sin before they say “I do.”

The Past: How Much Do I Share?

there are consequences of past sins that need to be honestly dealt with as a couple moves toward marriage. While you do not need to share every detail

Why You’re Not Married Till Now. Tips on Understanding and Waiting

SSU Special Edition: Preparing For Marriage   You have attended several weddings so far which made you realize that you yourself are not getting any younger; your blessing has to come too. No good or godly marriage proposals have come your way and you have come to a point where you question God and yourself. … Continue reading Why You’re Not Married Till Now. Tips on Understanding and Waiting

Be Sober and Spot the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

The danger about being obsessed with the idea of getting married is that the devil listens to our desperate plea to the Lord and begins to plan a way to make us fall