Cheating in School?

The key to making the right decision in the face of such pressures is to realize that the problem begins and ends with ourselves, and that Jesus should be our pattern.


A Testimony of Victory Over Depression

Image:, Single Sisters in University I have been an unhappy person from my teen years to my adult life. My unhappiness was due to the fact that I always wanted more than what I had. I started suffering from mild depression, but at the time I didn’t know that. It’s only when I started … Continue reading A Testimony of Victory Over Depression

Solutions for Student Burnout

November & December are definitely those hectic months for college students. That's when all piles of work fall right on your shoulders and you feel like exploding. You have to wrap up the group projects and get ready for presentations while stressed out by difficult colleagues, start preparing for final exams, cope with the flu, show up for your job, and on top of that suffer from sleep deprivation. Oh my!!! Welcome to a student burnout life!

What? I Gained Another Pound!

I mean with weight issues, one can go on either two extremes. The first one is to be so obsessed about losing weight that you become upset everytime you're dissatisfied with what the scale displays. You begin to envy all the girls you see with a flat belly and you're frustrated for days. The other extreme is to become totally careless about your weight that you eat all you can. Clothes becoming too tight are an excuse to go on a shopping spree.

Job Hunting? Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

It’s inevitable to be frustrated because you’re a graduate with no job feeding off of your parents’ revenue...I was wondering what God’s plan was, why put me in this humbling state for so long

Lessons Learnt in 2015

Usually, we fail to self-evaluate and just focus on other people’s flaws; no wonder we carry our same mistakes into another year and never progress in life

Holiday Parties

The holiday season is around the corner and so are the parties. Some may argue that Christians shouldn't attend parties due to the drinking, music, womanizers,

Surviving Grief and Loss During the Holidays

During a season of deep grief, I developed an acronym to easily focus my heart and soul. This tool adheres to what experts say, with a spiritual focus: R.E.S.T. Rest allows God to enter your space of brokenness